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We are authorized guides by Finnish guide association and provide professional and memorable tours in the northeastern Savo region, located near by Kuopio city. Our guided tours focus especially on the areas of Juankoski, Kaavi, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Rautavaara, Siilinjärvi, Tahko and Tuusniemi.

We will lead you to get to know the history and contemporary stories of different regions, and show you the varied natural landscapes of Savo!

Tours are carried out by bus, walking, cycling or boating, along the Tahko waterway. We provide tours mainly in Finnish and English.

If you have any questions regarding our tours such as prices, tour durations and so on, please do not hesitate to contact us!

See you in Northeast Savo!

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Our tours:

A glimpse into the history of Nilsiä

Guided tour in Nilsiä's local history museum. The tour takes us to get acquainted with the early history of Nilsiä and its various themes such as Finnish countryside schooling, sports history and craft professions. We also see the 19th century means of transport, as well as the tooth of a mammoth found in the Tahko area.

Stories behind Northeastern Savo's cemeteries

The tour leads us to get acquainted with the lifestories of the people in the cemetery as well as local events held in there over time. The tour allows us to explore several cemeteries at once or focuse more closely on one of them.

In the footsteps of Juice Leskinen

Get to know the lifestory of late Finnish rock singer Juice Leskinen, who was born and raised in Juankoski and whose story is still present in the city’s streetview. 

Landscapes and stories from Tahko

A hiking trip to the top of Tahko, walk along the longest stairs in Finland, admire the varied landscapes of Savo, and hear stories related to Tahko's history, present and future.

See and experience Nilsiä

A bus tour exploring Nilsiä region. See the spectrum of Nilsiä attractions, including the vibrant market square, the harbour, Nilsiä's historic quartz church, a water tower converted into a home and much more.

The story of Nilsiä quartz church

Explore the church designed by Josef Stenbäck in the 1905, and hear stories from its beginnings, to the present day.

Industrial history and Finnish rock music

A bus tour exploring Juankoski region. See the industrial areas, old and new residential areas, churches, the Tahko waterway, and of course the Juice square named after a well-known Finnish musician Juice Leskinen.

The old ironworks area of Juankoski

The tour leads us to see the blast furnace, the foundry, and other buildings related to the manufacture of iron, iron that consisted of lake ore and was lifted from nearby lakes. Patruunanmäki Manor and the workers' residential buildings are also part of the tour and remind us that a village community grew around the ironworks.